32-bit Firefox (Re: How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have towait?)

Alexandre Strube surak at surak.eti.br
Tue Sep 12 13:16:05 BST 2006

Kilz _ escreveu:
> That is my howto. But the deb file I have isnt a source package. Its binary. 
> It just puts an already compiled firefox in place plus a few other things 
> like libprangohack that was taken out of the ia32-gtk for Dapper but existed 
> in Breezy. You might want to extract it to see exactly what it adds. The 
> only thing I couldnt figure out is how to add the icons on the buttons for 
> the "save link as" box. They show up as an X, so I know something is 
> missing, just not what. Everything else works
This is a known bug, as it happens with any 32-bit app.  

the bug is a little misguided, but that's exactly what you see. Try 
doing the same you did with firefox on widget factory...

Alexandre Strube
surak at ubuntu.com

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