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Ramaddan ramaddan at
Sat Sep 9 19:52:30 BST 2006


I noticed that the "libfx86config" files which used to be
available as "xlibs-static-dev_6.8.2-77.1_i386.deb" package in
Breezy is no longer available in Dapper or Edgy.

The files contained in this package are obtained by compiling
the Xserver using the "--enable-install-libxf86config" option.

Is it possible to make this development package available as a
Dapper backport for now, and in the normal upstream in Edgy?

This package is required for "Sax2", which would make graphic
card detection and setting up much easier.

It can be found here:

It also seems to be required for X Configuration Tool, which
does more or less the same, and can be found here:

I really think this is a very important package to have
available even if only for the two programs above, which would
make Ubuntu much more user friendly for users, and fulfill more
Ubuntu's statement: "linux for human beings"

Currently the Sax2 developpers are helping me port Sax2 to
Ubuntu, but without this missing package, can't do much.

Thanks for your help.
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