Best font rendering engine

Fabio Dell'Aria fabio.dellaria at
Sat Sep 9 13:26:52 BST 2006

Johan Kiviniemi wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 09, 2006 at 02:53:34PM +0200, Fabio Dell'Aria wrote:
>> Why did not add in the Edgy official tree the "David Turner" font
>> patch, able to big increase the font rendering?
>> Screenshot:
> In that screenshot, the fonts are rendered without hinting, and thus
> they are blurry. I'd hate to use that.
> Regards,
This only because this patch did not need of font hinting.

You see the font blurry only because the screenshot is rich of more 
"little chars".
The old rendering engine with the "hinting" active isn't able to render 
the same chars so well as the patch do!

What do you think of this other screenshot?


Fabio Dell'Aria.

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