Ubuntu becomes unusable - force fsck when needed

Hervé Fache Herve at lucidia.net
Sat Sep 2 17:35:27 BST 2006

The startup scripts would run 'fsck -y' instead of 'fsck -a' after a
reboot if only we created a /fix file on failure...

We could also use reiserfs by default, although I think ext3 is more
reliable in case of power failure. Apart from when it goes wrong like
here of course!

Isn't it a shame human intervention is required at all? Who knows
about FS internals? Maybe we should report a bug upstream?


On 9/2/06, Saad Shakhshir <shakhshir at gmail.com> wrote:
> When there is an ext3 filesystem error, many times Ubuntu will reboot, do an
> automatic fsck, and then report something like the following:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> dev/hda2 contains a file system with errors-check forced
> unexpected inconsistency RUN fsck manually without -a or -p options
> an automatic file system check of the root file system failed
> a manual fsck must be performed then system rebooted
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Ubuntu will then not boot and it renders the system completely unusable to
> most average users.  My friend got one such message the other day and called
> me to ask me what was wrong.  He had booted into windows instead of Ubuntu
> because he couldn't get it to start.  I knew it was a clear case of simply
> running fsck /dev/hda2, but we don't live even remotely near each other.  So
> I had to get my friend to boot in recovery mode and then manually start the
> ssh daemon so that i could ssh into his PC.  Mind you this person is your
> average run-of-the-mill computer user, no command line knowledge at all.
> After that point it was just a simple case of running fsck /dev/hda2 and
> agreeing to all of the fixes.  Then I rebooted his PC and all was good.
> This is something that happens quite often with ext3 file systems,
> especially in places where the electricity is unreliable and systems are not
> always shut down properly.  It is important and not too difficult to have
> fsck run automatically in such cases so that outside intervention such as my
> own is not required.
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