Submit a kernel bug upstream

Alexandre Strube surak at
Sat Sep 2 15:55:27 BST 2006

When breezy was Ubuntu's test version, I opened several bugs, specially
regarding gnome stuff, which turned out to be upstream.

Now I found a bug in Kernel, which is quite serious, and must be submitted
upstream also.

The bug is in intel_agp module, which panics on several models of 
containing intel chipsets, only when there's a external video card attached.

I tested it on more than a dozen different motherboards models now - I 
had access
to both intel and msi motherboards - Only one model didn't suffer from 
the issue.

I also tested the failing models using nine different distributions- and 
all of them had panics.

Before someone tells me to post it to launchpad, it already is at
and and I'm posting here to get 
directions on how this bug
could be forwarded upstream.

Should the ubuntu kernel people post this, as they are better qualified 
and know the people
and procedures (hey, there's a howto for submitting it), or should I 
post it?

Alexandre Strube
surak at

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