Automatic fsck -y when needed (was: Ubuntu becomes unusable)

Paul Sladen ubuntu at
Sat Sep 2 11:17:21 BST 2006

On Sat, 2 Sep 2006, Saad Shakhshir wrote:

Hello Saad,

> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> dev/hda2 contains a file system with errors-check forced
> unexpected inconsistency RUN fsck manually without -a or -p options
> an automatic file system check of the root file system failed
> a manual fsck must be performed then system rebooted

The cause of this could be many things;  bad RAM, aging hard-disk, or as you
say issues caused by living with brown-outs and flakey power.

> Ubuntu will then not boot and it renders the system completely unusable [..]
> After that point it was just a simple case of running fsck /dev/hda2 [-y]
> It is important and not too difficult to have fsck run automatically in
> such cases so that outside intervention such as my own is not required. [..]

mpt: When the user has two choices:

  1.  No Ubuntu
  2.  fsck -y

Do they really have any choice at all?

MS Windows 95 demonstrated to us whenever 'chkdsk' came up, everyone just
learned to hit [Enter] lots as that was the only way of getting their
machine back.

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