What's the plans for network-manager?

Richard Kleeman kleeman at cims.nyu.edu
Sat Sep 2 04:20:00 BST 2006

Jan Claeys wrote:
> Op vr, 01-09-2006 te 20:11 +0100, schreef Scott James Remnant:
>> This isn't true, wpa_supplicant is shopped on the install CD so at
>> worst, it can be configured by hand. 
> Do you really expect anybody but an experienced linux admin or a very
> determined hobbyist to configure 'wpa_supplicant' by hand?
Well wpa was flakey for me in dapper so I followed the excellent manual 
guide on the Ubuntu forum for networkmanager:


It really wasn't all that hard and now I have a much better system (0.7) 
that does not nag me constantly for gnome keyring password.

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