Can we fit *ubuntu into one CD?

Martin Otten martin.otten at
Fri Sep 1 07:19:57 BST 2006

If I install (x)/(k)ubuntu I would expect to get the common applications
for this windowing system. For instance, if people expect kcalc to be
included in kubuntu and it is not, they may switch to another distro.
In addition the purpose of XFCE is to be lightweight and run well on
older hardware. So the applications included in xubuntu should be also
not too resource hungry.

On Fri, 2006-09-01 at 12:29 +0800, Joel Bryan Juliano wrote:
> Using Alternative Install method, I think it is possible to fit all of
> the other desktops
> into 1 CD. 
> Using seed files that will be launched upon boot, it's possible to
> provide the common packages amongs calculators, office suites,
> groupwares. 
> The problem is versions of this and that. gcalctool and kcalc, firefox
> and konq,, koffice and goffice, evolution, orages and
> thunderbird. If we can decide what applications goes into those
> desktops, for example, can we say, and Evolution ships
> with GNOME, KDE and XFCE. Here's just an idea.

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