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On 2006/10/30, at 10:56, Damian Wojsław wrote:

> Dnia 28-10-2006, sob o godzinie 01:25 +0100, Aigars Mahinovs napisał 
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>> Do we really have to reimplement Microsofts arcane network structure
>> for Ubuntu? Cann't we create something that is ... better and simpler
>> to understand at the same time? Like, for the human beings? Please
>> ....
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> Unfortunately yes. If I want to deploy Ubuntu Desktops in my firm,  
> which
> is a part of bigger company, my desktops need to be able to  
> authenticate
> against AD servers. If I want to be able to keep my ubuntu servers
> working here, I need them to be able to serve as a full AD servers in
> distributed AD network, with native MS 2003 servers nodes.
> Maybe in anvironment where network is built from scratch, something
> other can be proposed, but when connecting to existing network, you  
> need
> to have one of widely used solutions working. One of them is AD.  
> Sorry.

Maybe I'm missing some point here, but for using ubuntu desktop  
(Linux) you don't need AD and you also can authenticate Windows  
Workstations on an OpenLDAP+Samba ( as a NT4 PDC).  You only need AD  
if you must have Windows 2003 policies for those Workstations.


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