Notes on Beryl

Ulrik Mikaelsson ulrik.mikaelsson at
Mon Oct 30 21:15:39 GMT 2006

> Compiz is desktop neutral. DavidR designed the plugin system with this
> in mind. Compiz will work perfectly fine without the GConf plugin
> (which is its only tie to GNOME).

This is basically what I found a bit questionable with upstream compiz. I
kindof consider compiz something above just a new window-manager or
composition-manager, I consider it the core of accelerated desktop effects.
(Let's NEVER use the good ol' "copy screen and blend in a fullscreen
window"-hack again).

I consider the stack to be Hardware->Kernel->X->Compositor->Desktop

However, it does not seem sensible to me to include a plugin in a "lower"
layer to depend on a layer above. You see what I mean? I'm not sure the
compositor should adapt to Gnome, but that Gnome should adapt to the
compositor. (Just like Gnome should not adapt to applications, but vice
versa.) Of course, it could be argued if the layered model shown above is
actually correct/should be correct.

gtk-window-decorator depended on gtk, but there was nothing stopping
> someone from writing a kde window decorator that used Qt

Actually, I think it is, but why would we want to duplicate the effort in
creating the engine, the themes etc. If you look at kde-look, and
gnome-look, I'd estimate that about 80% of the themes of Kwin and Metacity
are duplicates anyways.
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