Announcing the ubuntu-directory team

Ulrik Mikaelsson ulrik.mikaelsson at
Mon Oct 30 18:16:29 GMT 2006

While AD compatibility is nice, let's all remember THAT is what's desirable.
AD _compatibility_, not AD itself.

Let's not use Microsoft as the role model (again).

But interesting to see this team forming. Easy and solid directory services
for Linux have been missing for WAY to long. (Let's face it, NIS + NFS just
doesn't cut it)

/ Ulrik

On 10/30/06, Damian Wojsław <damian at> wrote:
> Dnia 28-10-2006, sob o godzinie 01:25 +0100, Aigars Mahinovs napisał(a):
> [cut]
> > Do we really have to reimplement Microsofts arcane network structure
> > for Ubuntu? Cann't we create something that is ... better and simpler
> > to understand at the same time? Like, for the human beings? Please
> > ....
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> > Best regards,
> >     Aigars Mahinovs        mailto:aigarius at
> Unfortunately yes. If I want to deploy Ubuntu Desktops in my firm, which
> is a part of bigger company, my desktops need to be able to authenticate
> against AD servers. If I want to be able to keep my ubuntu servers
> working here, I need them to be able to serve as a full AD servers in
> distributed AD network, with native MS 2003 servers nodes.
> Maybe in anvironment where network is built from scratch, something
> other can be proposed, but when connecting to existing network, you need
> to have one of widely used solutions working. One of them is AD. Sorry.
> Regards
> Damian Wojslaw
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