Announcing the ubuntu-directory team

Zach uid000 at
Sun Oct 29 14:57:04 GMT 2006

I would like to thank the members of this group for stepping up and
taking on this challenge.  Back in October 2005, when Mark
Shuttleworht solicited feature requests for UBZ, I spoke up and
pleaded for LDAP configuration on the server & client.  Since then I
have eagerly followed progress on the Network Authentication spec.

Having wrestled with integrating Samba & OpenLDAP for some time, I now
basically have it working.  However it is a very "do-it-yourself"
project and feels bound together with "bailing wire and duct tape," so
to speak.

Microsoft has been making network authentication easy for a long time
(since at least NT4).  Apple has Open Directory.  Sun's Directory
Server is now $free.  Those of us who feel the Ubuntu Linux is a
superior operating system are pained when our Windows colleagues show
us how easy it is to configure an authenticated network with LDAP &
Kerberos using ADS.

So again, thank you for taking on this challenge.  It is badly needed
and will serve to propel Ubuntu Linux & the Linux community as a whole
up to and beyond what is offered by other operating systems.  I look
forward to following the progress of the effort and helping out where
possible by testing and filing bug reports.

Zach C.

On 10/27/06, Corey Burger <corey.burger at> wrote:
> Do you pine for a good old days of Active Directory? Does WSUS make
> your heart throb? Miss these things on Ubuntu? We do and so we have
> decided to do something about it. Thus I would like announce the
> creation of the ubuntu-directory team.
> What is our mission, you ask?
> We aim to make Ubuntu rock, both as a client of directory services and
> as a server of the same.
> Who are we?
> A group of people with extensive experience with AD and other similar
> technologies, including Jerry Haltom, Andrew Forgue, Jorge Castro and
> myself.Things like DFS, deploying printers, domain controller
> replication, DNS, joining clients to a domain, Windows Server Update
> Services, Group Policy Objects, and scripting Windows.
> So what are you working on?
> Lots of things. Here is the quick skinny:
> Easy connection of clients to an LDAP server (including AD)
> (still under heavy review and rewriting)
> An easy LDAP server
> An update server
> Is that all your are working on?
> Far from it. Here are some more:
> Where do we find you?
> On Launchpad, of course:
> On freenode:
> #ubuntu-directory
> On our mailing lists
> What can I do to help?
> We need help polishing up our specs.  We need code monkeys. Lots of
> them. Those that speak C and Python are most appreciated.
> Lets make feisty rock in the enterprise space!
> Corey
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