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Alien Technology French at
Thu Oct 26 12:57:56 BST 2006

Hi amigo from France and worldwide contributors,

I stay in France too, in southwest and must certainly be a big customer 
from the ship it program because I full my sturdays on sundays by 
installing Ubuntus in masses.
On my money I printed a flyer explaining what is gnu/Linux and what is 
Ubuntu. I think we are on the good way because as old linux-user (since 
redhat 5.5) I can see the progress in installing, hardware detection and 
sound handling.
So thousands thanks to the Ubuntu team to allows access to win users to 
a new world. In fact today excepted the gamers, you can do 99% of what 
you did on win32.
The onliest problem the new ubunters have is not to understand our 
philosophy of mandatory non-propriatery softwares and so I have to 
install non-free repos sources lists to enable non-free codecs to have 
working out after install.
We have yet discussed about on the list so I will not put more oil in 
the fire, because I am attached to ubuntu's philosophy and the good way 
when an experienced user install is to explain this to the newbie before 
making his computer fully enabled to handle all web stuff and all audio 
and video because that is what they want.

The other helpfull point is that the project is well documented.

The delay of Vista is another good news, Ubuntu 6.10 comes out before 

Champagne for the new little child of the family!

Vincent Trouilliez a écrit :
> Jonathan Carter <jonathan at> wrote:
>> Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this release.
>> And a big thank you to our self-appointed benevolent dictator for life,
>> that makes all of this possible!
> Yeah, thank you so very much for Ubuntu everyone.
> And thank you for extending the network of retailer to some european
> countries. Still no retailer in France, but there are some immediate
> neighbouring countries so hopefully shipping isn't going to be too
> expensive... hoping there will be a French retailer for Feisty
> though ! :o)
> Of course today I will download it by myself, but I also want the
> complete "collection" of official CD's, so I can look back at all of
> them, in 10 years, when Ubuntu has succeeded in ruling the world :o)))
> Thanks again, and I cross fingers that Canonical/Ubuntu  becomes
> profitable by the time SABDFL's wallet runs dry, would be a tragedy to
> see Ubuntu die because of bankrupt !.... let's not even think about
> that...
> --
> Vince

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