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Tue Oct 24 21:33:10 BST 2006

On 10/24/06, Arwyn Hainsworth <arwynh+ubuntu at> wrote:
> As for inventing protocols, that depends. One way of doing it is to use
> the http/tls python libraries to create a specialised mini-webserver that
> serves and receives XML (SOAP?) files. That way various back ends can be
> implemented.
> I'm a bit busy these coming few weeks, so I can't sit down and write a
> full spec, only assist, but If no one has done it by the time I'm free, I'll
> write one.

I collaborated for some time with CherryPy (about two years ago), and wrote
some of the XMLRPC code back then. It makes sense, it's possible to
implement a complete API to edit/maintain the server configuration. CherryPy
it's very simple, and it's quite easy to put it to work with HTTPS (it now
supports WSGI, the new Python spec for Web applications; also, stunnel or
something similar can be used).

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