Urgent call for testing: Firefox 2.0RC3

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Mon Oct 23 22:40:14 BST 2006

Op maandag 23-10-2006 om 12:03 uur [tijdzone +1000], schreef Adam
> Jan Claeys wrote:
> > 
> > And I would be pretty drunk before I clicked outside a form field and
> > then pressed backspace while filling out a form...  ;-)
> Hit [tab] instead of [q], and then due to force of habit, hit
> [backpsace] to delete the tab-stop you think you just typed.  If you
> don't auto-correct in this way when you're typing and "feel" that you've
> hit the wrong key, you probably just don't type fast enough to
> understand how this could happen to people like me several times per day. :)

Well, on a .be keyboard there is "A" to the right of <tab>...  ;-)
But also see mdz's message and my response: it does happen mostly when
we type "too fast", it's just that all of us have different habits, so
we all make different "errors".

Now my point is that preventing all those possible errors would render
Firefox unusable.
And this should be fixed properly, not by hiding some occurrences to
minimize the complaints (in Dutch this would be called an "operatie
doofpot", which would be something like "operation cover-up" in English,
although it sounds better in Dutch IMHO ;-) ).

Jan Claeys

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