Re: Server GUI Configuration Tools

joakim at joakim at
Mon Oct 23 21:42:53 BST 2006

>As further reading people have mentioned Webmin
>etc.  One of the problems with these tools is, they try to be too
>generic.  I believe we need something tuned just to Ubuntu/Debian.

I guess that most server maintainers also have a desktop machine and possibly
also multiple servers. Why not aim at some comprehensive desktop GUI to control
the servers using some nice protocol like SNMP or uPNP or similar? I figure a
school teacher trying to manage a printer server and an NFS server for a class
of pupils using Edubuntu on thin clients from his stationary thick client. Also
moderating some discussion forums in the class unt so weiter...

Tasks like setting up user rights, groups and quotas done the Ubuntu way
without destabilizing the server dists, that is. I see a fully graphical app
before me rather than webbapp here.

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