move the ubuntu irc channels to jabber ?

Shot (Piotr Szotkowski) shot at
Mon Oct 23 18:50:06 BST 2006

Samir van de Sand:

> For example if you want to send a user in irc a private message you
> need enter command like "/nickserver register ...." and "/nickserver
> identify ...", you don't have to do this stuff in Jabber.

If you configure your IRC account in Gaim (which is quite the same as
configuring your Jabber account in Gaim) you don’t have to know any
slash commands; Gaim authorises itself for you and you can /msg people
by clicking on their names.

-- Shot, who’d prefer IRC, but doesn’t see
a compelling reason to propose a global switch
There are no recorded instances of Debian meeting
a deadline.      -- Andrew Suffield, debian-devel
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