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I've been playing around quite a bit with the Ubuntu LAMP 6.06 server 
since it was last released and have explored the GUI side quite 
extensively.  Aside from the commercial products such as cPanel, Ensim and 
Plesk, the open source packages such as Webmin,  SysCP, Web-cp, VHCS and 
EZAdmin are all very good. 

However, it might be good to point out if the GUI will be used for 
specific application set-ups.  For example, the Ubuntu LAMP install 
scenario calls for a web hosting or application hosting set of packages. 
Packages such as ISPConfig is good for this type of environment.  Are we 
adding the GUI for Sysadmins on a LAN or for WAN-based enterprise 

Another thing I've noticed is that Ubuntu support has not been very strong 
with these packages, and the Debian packages are often touch and go when 
installed in an Ubuntu release.  I've had to move a recent project into a 
CentOS platform in order to get the proper packages operating properly. 
There is definitely a need to work more closely with the development 
groups in these communities.


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Re: Server GUI Configuration Tools

On Mon, 2006-10-23 at 11:48 -0400, Ivan Krstić wrote:
> Florian Hackenberger wrote:
> > What about taking webmin and improving it around the remaining rough 
edges? If 
> > configures correctly webmin is safe and quite powerful.

Any opinions on ebox anyone?

Only found out about it a week ago, have not been tempted to try it yet

Simon Hepburn 

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