move the ubuntu irc channels to jabber ?

Toby Smithe toby.smithe at
Sun Oct 22 20:54:33 BST 2006

What a fantastic analysis. I agree thoroughly and categorically.

On Sun, 2006-10-22 at 21:44 +0200, Ulrik Mikaelsson wrote:
> My 5 cents;
> While Jabber is an interesting option (and I'm eager to promote it as
> much as I can) IRC actually DOES all the stuff Ubuntu needs it to do.
> I wouldn't say user-friendliness actually fit in this scenario, since
> we're discussing protocols, not client implementations. (And Gaim
> supports IRC just as well as Jabber MUC, with the same features, as
> does Kopete) 
> However, I would say Jabber is the ONLY openly designed protocol
> (whereas I would consider IRC an evolved protocol) for instant
> messaging, and thus should definately be promoted by Ubuntu in all
> ways that can benefit the user. As I would see it, it is almost
> required from Ubuntu Linux, according to the Ubuntu Philosophy
> (
> In the discussion of Jabber vs. IRC, I would say that good
> Jabber-integration in Ubuntu (integration beyond simle MUC) could
> provide for quite a bit more than plain IRC, for instance the pub-sub
> mechanisms could be used for security bulletins with direct actions
> for updating, Jingle could be used for IP-telephony, and there are
> some interesting applications for social browsing and other kind of
> peer interaction. 
> So, to sum up, while IRC right now does everything needed for MUC, I
> think Ubuntu should really push the limits in supporting Jabber, to
> the extent that it some day the IRC-support channels will be phased
> out as a result. 
> Respectfully
> / Ulrik
> On 10/21/06, Samir van de Sand <samir.vds at> wrote:
>         Hi everyone,
>         I just read the call for specifications for UDS Mountain View.
>         So 
>         here's my idea:
>         Why not move the Ubuntu channels to Jabber? Jabber provides a
>         feature
>         called MUC,  where Jabber users can create chat rooms on a
>         jabber
>         server to communicate with each other. Here are possible
>         reasons why 
>         the Ubuntu channels should move to jabber:
>         * From the rational point this is a better solution, because
>         you can
>         use your existing IM program like Gaim and Kopete to connect
>         to the
>         chat channels.
>         * In Jabber the Server communicate among each other, which
>         means that 
>         a user which has an account on jabber server a can enter a
>         channel on
>         server b without connecting to server b and identifying on
>         server b.
>         * Ubuntu as a free distribution should support the spreading
>         of open
>         and standardized protocols in the IM world.
>         What do you guys think about that ?
>         regards Samir
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