move the ubuntu irc channels to jabber ?

Alexandre Strube surak at
Sat Oct 21 23:56:17 BST 2006

Em dom, 2006-10-22 às 00:29 +0200, Samir van de Sand escreveu:

> Yeah, I'm aware of this issue, but somewhere back in history IRC
> wasn't well known too and at some point the people noticed that IRC
> was just better than the existing way to do that and so it became
> popular and like this happened to IRC back then now, it's time for
> Jabber.

Hum. What was there when there was no irc? FIDOnet?

> * Improved user friendliness, because you don't need to run any
> console commands.

NOW you're putting your fingers into a wasp's nest ;-)

Alexandre Strube
surak at

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