Urgent call for testing: Firefox 2.0RC3

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Sat Oct 21 13:26:30 BST 2006

Op vrijdag 20-10-2006 om 19:30 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Scott
> >Having 'backspace' do anything other than 'delete last character' in an
> >application where data entry is a primary use is not exactly a clever thing
> >to do. Following this logic, having backspace shortcut to do nothing when a
> >text field is out of focus would be better behaviour than 'page-up'.
> Yes.  Absolutely.  I can't count the number of times I ended up on the 
> wrong page because of this.  That's worth an upgrade to Firefox all by 
> itself for me. 

Please go read the bug report, where I explain how this can be fixed
*really*, and without harming usability for non-US keyboard users.

Jan Claeys

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