Request feedback on topic for summit (laptop docking)

Scott Dier dieman at
Fri Oct 20 19:32:00 BST 2006

Might be good to integrate tablet support in this, if theres an event 
for when the laptop is put into tablet mode -- just have it do the 
rotation required to fix the screen and get the tablet sensor data set 
correctly for the rotation.

Jacob Rideout wrote:
> Yeah, I like the idea. Basically, it requires that someone develop a
> good gui to configure  XRandR with dual head (or more) support. This
> should work with dbus/HAL notification and have the ability to set
> system wide rules on the addition/removal of monitors. ACPI should be
> able to take care of things like power settings and I'm not sure we
> need a specific unified set of settings for docking, but instead just
> generic solutions for all the requisite features
> Question, what is the state of gnome-randr-applet, what kind of dual
> head supports does it have?
> Jacob R Rideout
> On 10/20/06, Trey Ethridge <tale at> wrote:
>> I'd like to propose a topic for the upcoming summit.  The topic I have
>> in mind is laptop docking.  For most business users, it's common to
>> connect their laptop to a docking station.
>> Docking a laptop sort of works now.  If the dock is connected to a
>> monitor the desktop is shown on the monitor, however the monitor's
>> resolution can't be set to a resolution independent of the laptop easily.
>> I feel that an easy way to configure settings when docked would be a
>> great addition to ubuntu users.  This falls in line with just working
>> with hardware and giving the user a great desktop experience.  I
>> imagine that upstart could be used to detect the docking events and
>> respond appropriately.
>> The same controls may be generalized to control displays when
>> connecting a laptop to a projector.  I believe this functionality is
>> still very rough around the edges when compared to OS X or Windows.
>> Has this topic been discussed before?  Do you think I should submit it?
>> Thanks,
>> -- Trey
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