BROffice imported from Debian?

Alexandre Strube - UAB surak at
Thu Oct 19 13:36:12 BST 2006


For those who are not aware, is a registered trademark in
Brazil. It was registered from someone trying to make money on it. For
this reason, OOo is called BROffice in Brazil now.

The brazilian openoffice team leader, Claudio Filho,  created for Debian
some time ago, the metapackage He asked me about the
presence of this package in ubuntu. In edgy, the
2.0.4-0ubuntu2 is present.

Is this package actually maintained by someone in ubuntu? Or is it only
a import from Debian? The -0ubuntu2 and the Maintainer email: "Ubuntu
Core Developers <ubuntu-devel at>" confuses me.

Thanks for your attention.

Alexandre Strube
surak at

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