SPEC : Write Support For NTFS

Daniel Koć kocio at linuxnews.pl
Thu Oct 19 11:33:26 BST 2006

Florent Mertens napisał(a):
> But in fact, i don't think my proposition require long discussion. As
> you said, this is a 'longstanding feature request', but even if there
> were lot's of progress since few months, there is still some issue that
> prevent him to get a more official place that it can :

Of those 3 the most important for me is missing chkdsk/fsck.ntfs. I had 
the situation, where Windows XP was not able to boot, so shared 
Thunderbird and Firefox data folders on NTFS partition was not accesible 
for normal rw operations. If the problems was not big, mounting with 
"force" option was enough, but sometimes ntfs-3g didn't like to mount at 
all, no matter if "force" was present. IIRC that was when filesystem 
checking was required - quite common situation, I think.

As for scarying users with software "based on reverse engineering" - 
AFAIK Samba and Wine follow the same principle.

Kto powiedział "kasjer dupa"?!

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