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On Oct 18, 2006, at 9:18 PM, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
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> Yes, I think that Launchpad should know about a greater proportion of 
> Debian bugs.
> Yes, I think it should be easier to link an Ubuntu bug to a Debian one.
> Specifically, I think that the form for adding a new distro task 
> default to Ubuntu rather than Baltix, since a huge proportion of the 
> current activity in Launchpad relates to Ubuntu, and many bugs seem to 
> have Baltix tasks inadvertently added. This would make it a two-click 
> operation to mark a Debian bug as affecting Ubuntu.

I don't know how it would be a two-click operation unless the Debian 
bug report was already imported into Launchpad, but I agree with 
defaulting to Ubuntu. <>

> However, I proposed this simple change some time ago, and I got no 
> traction with the Launchpad team.

The bug is ranked as High, but there are many Critical and High 
importance bugs ahead of it. If you think it should be Critical, please 
discuss it with Steve or Kiko.

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