Build instructions for evolution-brutus on edgy

Jules Colding colding at
Wed Oct 18 14:27:05 BST 2006


evolution-brutus is an alternative Evolution Exchange connector. It can
be used in situations where evolution-exchange is unsuitable.

Anyway, this might or might not be of interest, but I struggled to get
evolution-brutus to build on edgy. The situation involved a lot of
blood, sweat and tears so I'm making my observations available to anyone
who might want to duplicate my efforts.

Two bugs are hindering evolution-brutus to build out-of-the-box on
Ubuntu edgy:


   This bug will disable all non-local IPv4 communication in ORBit2. It
has been fixed in Gnome CVS but not in ORBit2 as distributed with edgy.


   This bug is the build-blocker for evolution-brutus in edgy. Fixing
this bug will make e-b build on an updated Ubuntu edgy, but will not fix
the IPv4 bug above.

The steps below will enable you to build evolution-brutus 1.1.6 on
Ubuntu edgy as a local user. You must be prepared to install additional
build dependencies using synaptic to get everything building correctly.

A) Get the libIDL and ORBit2 sources. Getting via apt-get will not
resolve #66556 above. You must get the ORBit2 source from Gnome CVS to
to get a functioning ORBit2. Once the edgy repositories has fixed #66556
you can do like this:

    1) apt-get source libIDL-dev
    2) apt-get source liborbit2-dev
    3) gunzip ./*gz
    4) tar xf ./libidl_0.8.6.orig.tar
    5) tar xf ./orbit2_2.14.3.orig.tar

B) Update your environment before building anything:

    1) Adjust for your own box (s/colding/<your homedir>/g) and add this
to your ~/.bashrc:

    export PATH

    export LIBDIR

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH

    export LD_RUN_PATH

C) Log out and back in to get your environment up to date.

D) Go to the lidIDL source directory and apply the patch:
    1) cd libidl-0.8.6
    2) patch -p1 <../libidl_0.8.6-1ubuntu1.diff

E) Build and install libIDL:
    1) ./configure --prefix=/home/colding/opt/
    2) make
    3) make install

F) Go to the ORBit2 source directory and apply the patch:
    1) cd ORBit2-2.14.3
    2) patch -p1 <../orbit2_2.14.3-0ubuntu0.diff

G) Build and install ORBit2:
    1) ./configure --prefix=/home/colding/opt/
    2) make
    3) make install

H) Get the e-b source from:

   and unpack it somewhere. You can not use an earlier download of
1.1.6, you must get a new one. 

I) Go to the e-b source directory:
    1) cd evolution-brutus-1.1.6
    2) ./ --prefix=/usr
    3) make
    4) (as root) make install 
    5) Now do "evolution --force-shutdown"

Hopefully you will now be able to create a Brutus account in Evolution.


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