spec - uninterrupted-video-playback

Sivan Green sivan at ubuntu.com
Tue Oct 17 22:48:44 BST 2006

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> Given that this is something of personal interest to you, and where you've
> presumably already done some research, it would be much more effective for
> you to create the specification than to propose that someone else do it for
> you.  There is no requirement that specifications be written in Mountain
> View.

I do hope this would be of interest to others as well... otherwise I 
wouldn't have proposed it as a feature and wouldn't think it's worth the 
effort of spec'ing, discussion etc. I could hack something locally and 
be done with it.

I did a preliminary research and found out that wrapping the video 
player binary programs with a script that will create a flag file, which 
notification daemon in its turn will check before actually delivering 
notifications could be one way around this (this file could then used to 
specify which notifications to deliver, and which not).

Using dbus to do is possible but seems a bit of an overkill IMHO. I'd 
try to get more feedback about the preferred way to achieve this before 
actually writing a specification. I'd hate to write a complete spec 
without discussion just to find out it has been revamped  during the 
summit. I think this waste of work would could be avoided if a 
suggestion for a general direction is given, and then people discuss and 
refine or even choose other ways while working on it in Mountain View.

Matt, what do you think about this feature? do you feel it'd be useful 
for the Ubuntu wider user base? Would you think it's worthwhile 
dedicating resources to it? I feel it can be complementary to 
easy-codec-installation, making life  a bit easier for media consumption 
on the distro.


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