Lack of change description on update-manager

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Oct 17 07:32:44 BST 2006

Hi Carlos,

Carlos Ribeiro [2006-10-17  1:33 -0200]:
> I recently noticed that it's relatively common for update packages to have
> no mention about what's changed when a new package version is released.
> Tonight, before updating my Dapper box, I tried to check the state of the
> three packages that were offered to me as upgrade. They are:
> 1) xinit (1.0.1-0ubuntu3.1)

This was a security update. now has the updated
log [1], so update-notifier *should* pick that up and display it. If
it doesn't, please file a bug.

> 2) wine (0.9.23~winehq0~ubuntu~6.06-1)
> 3) libwine (0.9.23~winehq0~ubuntu~6.06-1)

This does not look like an official Ubuntu package. This might come
from a third-party repository? Check apt-cache policy wine to see
where it comes from. We cannot provide changelogs for third-party

> As a user, I would ask developers & packagers to alwasy provide the
> "changed" information for all packages that are updated. I know that it's
> something difficult to do, and that it involves a lot of work; but it's
> something that makes a lot of difference, because I have now to update
> packages as a matter of trust, without knowing what was really changed.

I totally agree. I fact it's already set up for a loong time and works
quite well, but there is a certain delay involved. usually lags behind about half a day, so you
usually don't see them if you pull timely security updates. However,
there will always be an USN for updates in main (see [2], if you are
concerned about it, you should definitively subscribe[3].



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