Is Ubuntu going to adapt Ice Weasel?

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Tue Oct 17 05:44:25 BST 2006

Markus Lutzer <m.lutzer at> writes:

> 4.- Doesn’t the GNU organisation have better things to do?
> Hey, my most sincere respect to those guys. Their GPL revolutionised the
> software world. No doubt. But they’re getting boring, like treehuggers
> tied to trees. Some people need to get work done, and the efforts of the
> GNU (such as in the GPLv3) seem to only serve their own agendas. What
> the hell are their agendas anyway? Stop the end-user from using anything
> other than Windoze? Frankly, the end-user only cares about the
> experience, which is why Ubuntu has so much potential. The GNU would be
> better off making its own full OS and playing around with legalese as
> much as it wanted with Hurd.
> EDIT: Because of this:
> I deem RMS to be a little less ‘aait’ because of it. As the editor from
> LJ puts it: “Perhaps RMS is frustrated because Linus got the glory for
> what RMS wanted to do.” . This does relate to the Firefox/IceWeasel
> issue because of the fact that given IceWeasel is a GNU project, along
> with Gnuzilla and IceMonkey etc. (and whatever souped up alternatives
> they have for Thunderbird), and it just reeks of the GNU/Linux
> nomenclature dispute.

I don't think you understand the nature of the GNU project.  Richard
Stallman most likely had nothing to do with IceWeasel.  Instead, some
volunteer who happens to have signed copyright papers over to the FSF
(which can be done by anyone who is willing to do so, nearly)
maintains the project, so that person is most likely the one who
started IceWeasel.

IceWeasel is simply one project of many that has requested inclusion
in the GNU project, not something that RMS has created just to spite
the Mozilla Foundation.  Defaming RMS and the GNU project is not a
good way to get your point across.

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