spec - uninterrupted-video-playback

Sivan Green sivan at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 16 13:01:36 BST 2006

Samuel Cormier-Iijima wrote:
> Hi,
> I think this would be quite a nice feature - things could "grab" the
> screen, such as games and videos, which would prevent other windows
> from popping up without user input (alt-tab) or permission (settings
> dialog). I think however that a better way to go about solving this
> would be DBus - it's for things like this it was designed for. This
> way, these settings would be per-session. There could be some sort of
> DBus well-known name that fullscreen apps request, or a signal that
> they emit when they grab the screen (although this might have problems
> for new apps joining the bus). Anyways, just a couple of thoughs on
> how this could be implemented.

This sounds interesting. Using dbus has its benefits, however for 
applications that do not use dbus that could drag in a couple of 
possibly unwanted dependencies and thus make the change more intrusive, 
while on the other hand any application should already have enough libs 
to touch a file and remove it at will (and check for it's existence 
there of).


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