Specification sugestion PartitionConfigure

Jochen boutens j_greenhouse at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 15 16:33:24 BST 2006

I have been writing a specification on how changes on local file systems 
could be handled.
Ubuntu does a good job of mounting external file systems, whether it be USB 
Disks, external hard drives or CD's. But internal changes on IDE disks are 
not handled at all. Ubuntu should notice file system changes, communicate 
them to the end user and suggest possible actions.
The use of uuid's in fstab did not make it any less confusing and most users 
would be helped by giving them a few simple options after a file system 
change has been noticed.

The specification can be found at : 

It still needs allot of thought put into it, so edit the wiki where needed. 
I'm unfamiliar with the upstart system. So perhaps the concept to configure 
the partitions can later be added for other hardware changes.

Boutens Jochen

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