problems i faced between ubuntu and windows and if u have solutions

t u towsonu2003 at
Fri Oct 13 08:16:47 BST 2006

waleed yahia wrote:
> hi ,
>    my computer which has ubuntu linux as operating system is a client in
> my company network
> MY company network explanition
> * main server has domain on windows server 2003
> * clients windows xp sp2
> *  two linux clients not under domain but in the network (ubuntu and
> fedora 2 )
> MY questions:
> 1- i want to print from printer hp laserjet 1000 connected to windows xp
> client in the domain ,,,,, what should i do and if there is any thing
> should be downloaded or configured in the two (os) windows xp and ubuntu ?
> 2- How can i make my ubuntu under the domain of the windows server 2003 ?
> 3- Is there any possible way to use computer name instad of ip address
> in ping , in access shared files ?
ubuntu-users should be used for getting help :)

you could also use the - support and to
get some help.

Please scan all attachments for viruses.
Or (though you might like Rodin) you might as well avoid "The Gates of
Hell" and use Linux.

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