Edgy "Crash Reports"?

Lloyd D Budd foolswisdom at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 19:59:26 BST 2006

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the detailed and thoughtful answers.

On 10/5/06, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Lloyd D Budd [2006-10-04 13:59 -0700]:
> > There is a section in the Edgy Eft/Beta notes on [1], but no real
> > information is provided. Where do I find more information from a
> > user's perspective?
> I think there is little to say about it. If a crash happens in a
> non-Gnome application, you'll get a dialog that explains what happened
> and asks you to file a bug (it opens the package's bug page in the
> browser and gives some explanations and an insight into the crash
> report).
> Are you interested in any further documentation? If there is something
> of general interest, I can create a wiki page for it.

Well, the Edgy Eft/Beta notes left me with more questions and few answers.

Creating a page with the screens and the steps to take would be useful.

> > So far my crashes have been triggering bug buddy which have been
> > going to GNOME bugzilla.
> The desktop team prefered to keep bug-buddy for the time being.

That is one of the answers I was looking for!

> > I have nothing in /var/crash/
> Heh, that's pretty surprising (I get crashes all over the place), but
> OTOH it's a good sign. :)

I received my first non-gnome application crash today! It was Firefox.

The user experience seems awkward. Is this about it for 6.10? If so, I
think it should probably be disabled by default for this release.

Firefox's crash generated a "Complete report (recommended)" of 71.8 MB
and I am supposed to 'Please check the list in your web browser for an
already existing bug report about this problem." If in doubt create

Manually, determining if it is an existing bug does not seem
reasonable for most people using Ubuntu.

Including the top of the stack of the thread that crashed in the
dialog might help in checking, but I still don't see this as an
experience manageable by most people.

Is uploading 70 MB really desirable? Shouldn't uploading the reduced
report by the first step "(recommended)"?

Are these crash files cleaned up automatically?

MPT suggestion of automating and storing in it's own Db not only seems
recommended, but necessary. Automatically considering the reduced
report before sending the complete report also seems desirable.

Peace be yours,
Lloyd D Budd

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