Is Ubuntu going to adapt Ice Weasel?

George Farris farrisg at
Wed Oct 11 17:02:33 BST 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-10 at 11:50 -0400, Scott Abbey wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 October 2006 11:04, George Farris wrote:

> The simple fact that you have to take the step of renaming the package, 
> changing the icon, etc. is a hindrance. Not everyone is a lawyer, or even all 
> that aware of the implications of trademarked branding. By placing this 
> limitation on the use of their trademarks, they have limited the freedom of 
> those downstream, which I find offensive to the concept of free and open 
> source software.

I understand, however, anyone taking a large project and re-releasing it
as there own is really taking a chance without reviewing all the
software in it.  I know people don't necessarily do that but the
responsibility still lies on the new distro to check.  So this statement
really isn't valid.  Has anyone checked all the icons and text files in
the 18,000 files in the repos, each and everyone, I'll bet not.  I think
there are a lot of assumptions made.

At any rate I do understand where you are coming from.

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