Is Ubuntu going to adapt Ice Weasel?

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Oct 9 07:47:22 BST 2006


Daniel Robitaille [2006-10-07 12:32 -0700]:
>  I tend to believe that if we were to use a Firefox a lot closer to
>  the version available from, we could decrease these
>  unsecure periods in a more systematic fashion, with less man power
>  spent on the effort and increase the security of the Ubuntu users
>  in general.

That's (unfortunately) not true. Our patches do not slow down firefox
security updates *at all*. So far the effort of porting our patches to
a new upstream microrelease were between zero and five minutes.

The reason why it takes some time is that it takes so much time to put
a new upstream version into a stable Ubuntu release. The diffs between
Firefox microreleases are often in the order of a 30KB diff, they do
much more than just security patching, and we have to properly test it
(including all the reverse dependencies, gtkmozembed stuff, language
packs, etc.). Also, there's some process overhead on top of it, new
upstream versions have to be approved.

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