Is Ubuntu going to adapt Ice Weasel?

Mike Douglas mike.douglas at
Sat Oct 7 23:05:20 BST 2006

On 10/7/06, Markus Lutzer <m.lutzer at> wrote:
> Michael V. De Palatis schrieb:
> > On 10/7/06, Mitch Golden <mgolden at> wrote:
> >> I have to admit to complete confusion regarding this firefox issue.  There
> >> is *nothing* non-free about Firefox.  The code is licensed under a free
> >> license, and you can do whatever you want with it.
> >
> > Yeah, but the logo isn't. That's why Ubuntu and Debian both used a
> > different logo.
> Ok, but to use another logo is another topic and not a reason to use Ice
> Weasel instead of Firefox.

Tell that to the Mozilla Foundation. According to them, using the
"Firefox" brand without the logo is a violation of their trademark.

"Also, the Debian Firefox build omits the official logos, since they
carry a non-free license; that is another change which runs afoul of
the trademark rules." -


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