Soyuz downtime for apt-ftparchive upgrades

Celso Providelo cprov at
Sat Oct 7 00:29:28 BST 2006

Adam Conrad wrote:
> In order to resolve some bugs with architecture-specific overrides, as
> well as get some extra speed improvements to the publisher, drescher is
> being upgraded to a new version of the apt suite.
> In order to do this, soyuz will be taken offline for several hours
> (we're budgeting 12 hours here, though there are rumours it could be
> done in as little as 4), while apt-ftparchive is given a chance to
> rebuild its caches, and regression tests are performed to make sure the
> world didn't explode.
> Uploads will still be queued as usual, they just won't be installed into
> the archive until this process is complete.
> Wish Team Soyuz the best of luck in this one, and everyone give them a
> hearty pat on the back when you next see them for working outside of
> their usual hours to help minimise our downtime and inconvenience.
> ... Adam

Soyuz is up again, uploads, builds and publishing should happen normally,
archive was just re-published and mirrored. Please, check for any regressions.

cron.daily continues to run hourly, but the good news is that we can revisit
it soon, since new apt-ftparchive presented much better performance.

germinate improvements from Kamion will come soon.

thanks adam, kamion and malcc.

Sorry for the the downtime inconvenience.

Celso Providelo <cprov at>
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