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Thu Oct 5 22:39:42 BST 2006

Martin Pitt napisał(a):
> Since this is meant to work as a normal user [3], it cannot use
> /var/cache/apt/archives to locally cache the ddebs. If you need to
> care for bandwidth, you can use the -C option to specify a directory
> to a permanent ddeb cache (e. g. I use ~/.ddeb and told my backup
> system to ignore this directory). If you do not use -C, the downloaded
> ddebs are discarded.
> For details, please see the apport-retrace(1) manpage.
> I appreciate comments, suggestions, code contributions, and bug
> reports!
> Thanks for your interest,

Wouldn't it be better to send crash report with unresolved backtrace and
MD5/SHA1 hash of libraries and do the matching of symbols on some
"symbol server"? Hash of library provides unique mapping of library to
its symbols, so -dbg packages would be necessary only on symbol server.

I guess not many people can afford downloading -deb packages (which are
often larger than application package) through their Internet connection
just to send crash report.

	Krzysztof Lichota

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