Usability of compiz defaults, Fitts' law and GNOME buttons

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Thu Oct 5 18:18:12 BST 2006

Toby Smithe <toby.smithe at> wrote:
> Perhaps posting on the compiz mailing list would be better:

Hmm, I thought a launchpad team had just been created to care
specifically for 3D desktop stuff, surely this has to be the
ideal/perfect place to discuss anything to do with the
implementation/configuration of Compiz ??

I tried finding it on launchpad, but it's so overwhelmingly complex and
confusing that I failed miserably to find any team at all. I assume one
has to pass a PhD in software science to use it to its full
potential ;-)

Anyway, I think there is also a "Desktop" team, which would need to be
involved as well, since I think/guess they would be the one to talk to
about the default of configuration of the gnome panel and the Gnome
user interface in general.


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