Usability of compiz defaults, Fitts' law and GNOME buttons

Sitsofe Wheeler sitsofe at
Thu Oct 5 08:45:22 BST 2006

(I am going to repeat the contents of the bug, , I filed
on this here)

The corners of the screen are already being used on a default Ubuntu
GNOME install so compiz should not default its effects to them.

Fitts law says that the corners are a good place to position things
(infinitely deep in two dimensions - can't overshoot because the pointer
becomes "trapped") and it seems that Ubuntu has taken that to heart by
placing things in each of the four corners of the screen (from the top
left going clockwise: main menu, log off button, recycle bin, minimize
all/show desktop).

A default install of compiz on Edgy has set up various effects on these
corners too, which conflicts with the buttons already there (e.g. I go
to hit the log off button and wind up activating scale windows instead).
The only feature that could possibly be set as default is the show
desktop feature in the bottom left (as this is serving a very similar
purpose to the show desktop button).

This bug report received the following reply:

> I agree that we should consider changing the defaults here, but the
> changes you are requesting require more discussion and should rather
> be done on an appropriate mailing list or forum.

So hence my posting here.

Sitsofe |

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