How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

Kilz _ kilzzz at
Mon Oct 2 18:05:08 BST 2006

>Mark Reitblatt wrote:
> > I think this is the problem. You seem to think that "downgrading" from
> > x86_64 to x86 is somehow "bad". The reality is most people get no real
> > benefit either way. Instead of crying about having to "downgrade", why
> > don't you see if you can even justify working on a 64 bit desktop in
> > the first place. Just because "the hardware is 64 bit" is a horrible
> > reason. If you can't justify it, how in the world can you possibly
> > justify demanding that other people divert resources to support your
> > arbitrary decision?
> >
> >
> > * I mean desktop as in "not workstation or server".
> >
>Thank you Mark. This was more or less the main point of my argument (even 
>if I rumbled and digressed from it on the way).
>I see only a few use cases where switching to full 64-bit will be 
>advantageous on a desktop system. Matt have written that
>he knows of benchmarks which prove there is a slight edge for using native 
>64-bit even on a desktop system. I am not going
>to question his expertise, albeit I will try to find some evidence this way 
>or other. And as far as "downgrading" I think Kilz_
>is just trying to use marketing tricks :)

There are very good reasons for me using 64bit that I have answerd in other 
emails. Posting this one sided view that has been proven wrong is a 
marketing trick of your own. I enjoy 3d modeling and encodeing. There are 
also hardware issues that prevent me from running 32bit.
Some people think that 32bit is a magic cure all and an excuse not to make 
64bit better. No one should have to prove that they have a reason for 
running a 64bit operating system on a 64bit system imho. Saying they do is 
an excuse.

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