Proposal for solving CD Size problems

Mgr. Peter Tuharsky tuharsky at
Mon Oct 2 08:37:09 BST 2006

> A DVD image can also be significantly harder to download. While CD 
> images are a reasonable size, even downloading a 2 GB DVD image would 
> cause some of my internet connections to go over their daily caps. In 
> addition, not everyone has 2-5 GB free to store the image, whereas I 
> would expect that most people have 70MB.

Not only that. Current versions of Squid proxy cannot handle files 
larger that 2GB. Current versions of Samba server are unable to handle 
storing such a large file. Many ftp and web clients have this limit too.

Summary: there are too much possible difficulties on client's side. The 
image should be SMALLER than 2GB.


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