Three installer questions

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Mon Oct 2 08:02:48 BST 2006

Same looking like problem on XWGA tft panel on Mitac 8060b laptop : the 
vertical refresh rate is too poor, idem to horizontal sync.
It is better detected in Fedora wich Xorg script found an optimal conf.
After installation of nvidia-glx you will have the good resolution but 
in the up of the screen there is a disturbing blinking.

Same blinking in SuSe, but no blinking in Fedora and FoxDesktop.

Mitch Golden a écrit :
> I have three questions related to the install process.
> 1) I have noticed that on two machines I've tried Dapper on, it properly 
> recognizes the graphics hardware I am using but fails to put in some 
> device options into the xorg.conf file that are needed to make the chipset 
> work properly.  Specifically: On my Dell Optiplex GX100 I have an Intel 
> i810 chipset (if memory serves) and this requires an
> Option XaaNoPixmapCache
> line in the xorg.conf file.  If it's absent I see weird 
> striping/pixelation in the KDE menus.  I note that the KDE hardware 
> configurer actually does add this line, but not the ubuntu installer.
> I ran into a similar problem on my Sony Vaio PCG-XG19, with a neomagic 
> chipset.
> (As you may note these are both somewhat old machines.)
> 2) I've recently learned that on Dell laptops, the CPU fan is controlled 
> by the software, not hardware.  If you run the machine without the 
> appropriate software, you can fry the machine.  I believe that therefore 
> the i8kmon daemon should be installed out-of-the-box on these laptops and 
> should be included in some way on the installation CD.  A package exists, 
> but doesn't install the appropriate files to /etc/rc*.d to start the 
> daemon on bootup.  I would like to include all of that as a part of the 
> install, since Dell laptops are pretty common, and having them burn up 
> because of an Ubuntu install is probably pretty bad publicity!
> Can someone please point me at the right place to go so I can add these 
> things to the installer scripts?
> Thanks.
>    - Mitch

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