Three installer questions

Mitch Golden mgolden at
Sun Oct 1 23:02:40 BST 2006

On Sun, 1 Oct 2006, Matthew Garrett wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 01, 2006 at 02:52:41PM -0400, Mitch Golden wrote:
>> line in the xorg.conf file.  If it's absent I see weird
>> striping/pixelation in the KDE menus.
> The bug is that that doesn't work, not that the option is missing from
> the config file.

In the case of the i810 that's true, but in the case of the neomagic 
driver there are two other Option settings that are, according to the 
documentation, supposed to be turned on:

At any rate, making changes to the drivers, testing them, and deploying 
them are probably beyond my resources right now, but at least I could get 
the installer to work.

>> 2) I've recently learned that on Dell laptops, the CPU fan is controlled
>> by the software, not hardware.  If you run the machine without the
>> appropriate software, you can fry the machine.  I believe that therefore
>> the i8kmon daemon should be installed out-of-the-box on these laptops and
>> should be included in some way on the installation CD.  A package exists,
>> but doesn't install the appropriate files to /etc/rc*.d to start the
>> daemon on bootup.  I would like to include all of that as a part of the
>> install, since Dell laptops are pretty common, and having them burn up
>> because of an Ubuntu install is probably pretty bad publicity!
> No Dell laptops require i8kmon in order for the fan to work.

I hope you're right.  The URL I posted earlier seemed to disagree.

   - Mitch

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