Proposal for Generic Metadata and Settings Modularization

Joel Bryan Juliano joelbryan.juliano at
Sun Oct 1 16:11:45 BST 2006

On 10/1/06, Brandon Holtsclaw <imbrandon at> wrote:
> While I agree that ubuntu-meta should be handled better ( and I think
> this is covered with the move to "recomends" to solve just this issue )
> I have to strongly disagree about the "generic" applications, would this
> not just be a debian install? if those are the requirements why not just
> use the right tool for the right job ?
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> Brandon Holtsclaw
> imbrandon at

I believe that the modularization of settings is very important towards a
truely customizable OS. The -generic suffixes only gives the user an option
to use the upstream version instead of distribution specific version.

Today is a very sad day.. Oct 1st, my dearest friend just died... my
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Joel Bryan Juliano
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