How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

Kilz _ kilzzz at
Sun Oct 1 13:43:04 BST 2006

>Brandon Holtsclaw wrote ( just to be clear as email isnt the best media
>to convey feelings at times ) , /but/ in THIS instance you are arguring and
>being part of the problem not the solution

Wow I can argue all by myself? Am I the only one that is adding to the 
problem? Have I forced anyone to join this thread? If so tell me how I did 
that please. Is it against some rule to ask why something is or isn't being 
done? Is it against a rule to keep replying to a thread I started?

>No firefox and wine are not propitary and are both avaible natively on the 
>64bit platform , or are you sugesting the "plugins" for Firefox? yea those 
>ARE propiatary and not avaible for 64bit linux, maybe you should nag adobe

Are you saying that a user should not have the option of installing one of 
the most popular plugins on the net. Mainly because the browser that is 
supplied is not capable of using it. That its impossible to make a package 
with the browser that will use the plugin. That a browser has such 
tremendous gains from 64bit that its necessary to keep it 64bit? I'm not 
nagging, its a question.
Second Wine is not available on the 64bit platform in any form. There are 
lots of applications that are not available on the 64bit platform. That's 
why multiarch would be nice. I know it isn't going to happen anytime soon. 
Is it such a problem to ask the people who would be doing the work when in 
the far future we might possibly, maybe, guess when we will see it? 
Especially since some distro's are already multiarch.

>And last but not leaste lets not for get the PPC users , this platform has 
>been arround MUCH longer than x86_64 and no flash or win32codecs etc are 
>avaible for it, but that dosent stop me from happly using my PPC system 
>every day to its full extent, and when i do have the time I contribute to 
>GNASH as open source flash alternative for any os and platform.

I was unawre that you could take 32bit intel code and without changing it 
run it on a ppc system. That all it would take is a different package to 
install it and it would work. That all you have to do is edit the control 
file to install something. That ppc hardware was designed to run both 32bit 
intel code and ppc.

>does this mean I should have started a Mean thread about "How Long Will PPC 
>Ubuntu users have
t>o wait? " taking developers precious time ? NO, let me repeat that _NO_ , 
>means that i dig in and help where i can getting gnash to work on ppc, 
>weather its rallying developers for the cause, writing docs, etc etc etc, 
>and you have done a brovo job of that one the forums let me tell you,

Its mean to ask when 64bit users could expect to see improvements that were 
announced? Wow I am taking " developers precious time"? I am forcing someone 
to reply? Am I sitting with a gun pointed at them? Exactly how do I rally 
developers? My limited experence here shows me they like to suggest things 
cant be done.
Yes I have tried to make things better. But I also know the limits of what I 
can do. Secondly some people cant for some reason follow what I have done. 
Should I not ask questions on how to make it easier for those users? To 
point out that some users rely on packages some people are talking about 
removing? To point out that what I have been able to accomplish will be 
completely ruined if those packages are removed?

>but your behavure here has been far less than satisfactory for a 
>developemnt list
Some people have forgotten a simple fact. When you point a finger, 4 more 
point back at you. I will admit I may have become combative to some people. 
But I wasn't the only one.

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