Non-free drivers (Re: Invitation to ubuntu developers)

Ante Karamatić ivoks at
Thu Nov 30 07:18:53 GMT 2006

U Čet, 30. 11. 2006., u 13:47 +0900, Arwyn Hainsworth je napisao/la:

> Out of interest, has anyone from Ubuntu/Canonical spoken with NVidia
> about support? IE will the bug reports on launchpad just be ignored or
> will there be some developer response to them?

Exactly. If they are our upstream, will they finally start to care about
our/their bugs and fix them? If they aren't going to do that, are they
really our upstream?

> I'm not so much worried about the free/non-free aspect of this as that
> there might be possibly annoying bugs that can not be fixed.

That means that you do care about freedom, cause free drivers can be
fixed, but non-free can't (well, they can, as nvidia and ati are
demonstrating over these couple of years - you decide how good they are
and how much they care about linux users :).

Bugs in nvidia driver are so big, that I buyed new computer wihtout
nvidia (or ati) video card. Finally, everything works.

Ante Karamatić <ivoks at>

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