Ubuntu under investigation by Turkish attorney general

Alexandre Strube surak at surak.eti.br
Wed Nov 29 14:00:26 GMT 2006

2006/11/29, Ozgur Karatas <okaratas at ogr.iu.edu.tr>:
> during the last week, there had been some problems about ubuntu in my
> country. some claim that ubuntu is developed by kurds. yet, turkish
> republic is against this issue. we, as a group of ubuntu volunteers,
> prepared a press decleration and a meeting. regarding this, i am asking
> from you valuable developers, a full authority and spokesman rights.
> otherwise, i will not be able to stand in front of the misinterpretations
> about ubuntu. please support and help me.

Sorry, but I fail to understand what you mean with "full authority and
spokesman rights".

Alexandre Strube
surak at ubuntu.com
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