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Sorry for replying late, 've just seeing those replies.

>> Well, it did not on my boxes. Anyway, that's an unofficial repos,
>> people should know that
>> they won't get the same quality than an official repo.
>> But in the end, they might still appreciate to be able to run gaim
>> beta5 on edgy

> Lot of users had upgrade issues with edgy because they were using
> non-official compiz packages, which creates issues for users, extra bug
> loads of Ubuntu and bad comments not deserved for the distribution. Your
> packages work probably fine on edgy.
Was not aware of that, but I will have it in mind now.
>  Do you do any work to make sure
> that the upgrade path from your non official to feisty will be fine and
> not break anything though? Do you look at upgrade bugs Ubuntu might be
> getting because of the packages you are shipping to users like that?
same than above
> If you want to get gaim beta5 on edgy the best way is probably to work
> with the official backport team and get the feisty package backported to
> edgy
Yeah I will, but I guess I'd better wait for gaim 2 to be stable instead of
offering some not yet stable package to edgy users.
>> I do actually enjoy to find new version of package on unofficial
>> repos, so I don't have to
>> compile/make or package it myself.
> The problem is that bugs created by those packages often go to Ubuntu
> then. Don't you think it would be better to work with the Ubuntu team to
> get official package then?
Yeah, this is what I'm trying to do though, I started submitting 
packages to revu.
But it takes a while before packages get approved.

Submitting bug reports ....

I'm just offering package to people who want to try it at their own 
risk. Maybe I
should but a big warning on the repo saying that it might break some 
dependencies ...
on their system, and that people who do not feel confident with a linux 
system, should stay
on official repos.

regards, chantra

> Cheers,
> Sebastien Bacher

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