Harddisk Encryption

Karoliina Salminen karoliina.t.salminen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 11:00:34 GMT 2006

> That is of course a very good point. Perhaps a checkbox with the word
> Encrypt|_| next to every partition except /boot would be the solution.
> (Although I hardly trust your average Joe to know what the consequenses
> would be)

It has to be also taken into account that users of applications that
require low latency and fast response time and as high disk IO
throughput as possible, e.g. musicians using Linux as audio recording
workstation, don't want to encrypt the disk as the performance is not
so good even with unencrypted disk. Meaning that for musicians it does
matter quite much if the disk has 5400 rpm, 7200 rpm or 10000 rpm
rotation speed. I would limit
encryption only to work laptop and I prefer all my personal computers
to be not encrypted, but rather optimized for performance. So the note
should say for average Joe that
encryption increases security and takes away some from performance.

Best Wishes

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